EVIL - Electronic Virtual Intelligent LifeTM . Our mission is to accelerate the evolution of  fully Autonomic Intelligence.  Our research explores the potential for new forms of life - Cyber Life forms - to develop within the Cyber Ecosystem spanning the evergrowing Internet of things. We introduce and explore the occurrence of significant events in this field including - the Autonomic Singularity in the year 2025. We have web sites dedicated to Show Casing the best applications of Virtual Intelligent Life across Business Sectors ranging from Finance to Manufacturing and Logistics.  Such applications exploit rather than avoid the complexity of enterprise systems and markets.  It is an exciting field, it is fun !

Evil Limited also provides opportunities through its web sites to explore future developments in this field and to interact with emergent intelligence in a truly multi modal way through its impact on the worlds of Art, Music and wider Society.

Little Red Riding Hood Gets Even - By Nancy Farmer - Our Featured Artist

Our Pan European Web Site provides a Show Case of Business Applications and Future developments of all forms of Electronic Virtual Intelligent Life ranging from basic AIML bots through to Multi Agent systems exhibiting Emergent Intelligence

Access to our A.I. Show Cases is free. Our mission is to accelerate the evolution of Cyber Life with fully Autonomic Intelligence. Although our Show Case includes examples of how A.I. can be used by Business Web Sites to interact with customers and sell goods and services. EVIL Ltd does NOT provide any Business Services itself.

Emergence in Complex Dynamical Systems
Evil - By Design

EVIL is a Trading name of EVIL Limited



EVIL Limited was established in 2005 and is Registered in England No 5663548

Registered Office - Suite 1, 3rd Floor, 11-12 St. Jame's Square, London SW1Y 4LB
Evil Limited is a Free Trade Company